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  •                    A relationship is a connection that one build with another person. It creates a special feeling of happiness inside a person. Relationships cannot be formed over one day as it takes time, and a lot of factors are in involved in building a strong and healthy relationship.

                Here we have compiled a list of factors that can help you understand you're significant other and can also help you build a long lasting strong relationship.

    1) Mutual Respect -

         Relationship are not all about loving and caring for one another. With many factors in play having mutual respect is one of them. Respect can be related to the status of a person or even respecting the personal boundaries of the other person. Having mutual respect not only helps maintain harmony among two people but also helps in building a stronger relationship.

    2) Sharing Commonalities -

         One of the aspects of being in a healthy relationship is when two people share certain interests. Sharing commonalities help in building a better bond between two people. In a way, it ensures that the couple can do a lot of various things that make them both happy as they share the common interests.

    3) Emotional Support -

        While being in a relationship with anyone one must ensure that during times of crises or even if the person is emotionally disturbed due to any reason the other person must always be there for them. This helps people open up about their worries and builds trust and understanding among the couple.

    4) Appreciation -

          Little things in a relationship matter the most. A relationship could be between two adults or even between parents and their children. The feeling of being appreciated release endorphins in the brain thus making the person feel happy. Appreciating each other even on small victories or accomplishments helps boost the other person’s confidence and motivated them to do more and reach greater heights.

    5) Trust -

         Trust is one of the key aspects while being in a relationship. Trust is what makes people believe in each other. Trust is a feeling that makes any set of people close to each other. Specifically while being in a relationship, one must trust their partner regardless of what the third party person says. When the factor of trust starts to disappear that's when doubts and negativity toward the other person begin to form.


    6) Communication -

         Communication is the basis of everything we just discussed earlier. Communication helps express love, care, and concern about one another. Maintaining healthy communication is the foundation of having a good and strong relationship. Most of the misunderstanding happens when people do not communicate properly with each other. Communicating with your significant other will always make them feel special and give them the feeling of them being in a healthy relationship.


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