Achieve a More Open and Honest Relationship through the Use of Sex Toys

Achieve a More Open and Honest Relationship through the Use of Sex Toys

The unusual and unconventional love story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, lead characters in the book and movie trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey”, elicited a host of reactions from people. Some swooned; others scoffed, while others balked at the idea of a fresh graduate with no sexual experience submitting herself to a troubled man whose foray into sex was through BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). As their story unfolded, people were made to understand why Christian Grey’s orientation in sex revolved around dominance and submission. They also got to understand that ultimate pleasure can be achieved through submission.

The “toys” that Christian kept in his “red room of pain”, as Anastasia liked to call it, can be described as hardcore sex toys, and those are meant for people who have followed the BDSM practice for most of their lives. However, for people whose interest about sex toys was piqued by Christian and Ana’s story, they can try “moderate” adult sex toys to satisfy their curiosity.

Although Christian and Ana’s story showed how pain can elicit pleasure, moderate adult sex toys promise to elicit pleasure and nothing more. That’s why those who are barely foraying into the exciting world of sex toys should start slow.

Here, starting slow means trying something that will not overwhelm you or your partner. That is especially true if only one of you is open to the idea of using sex toys. It’s important to make the unwilling half understand that the sex toys you plan to use will add more pleasure and excitement to your sack sessions. The decision to use sex toys must be mutual, so if your partner is unyielding, lay off for a while. Wait until the timing’s right to “re-introduce” sex toys into the bedroom, and maybe then, your partner will be more yielding.

If both of you want to explore the use of sex toys, start with a vibrator that’s small and discreet. Perhaps you can try a finger vibrator or a vibrating egg. You’ll be amazed at how much women love these once they try it. You can also talk your partner into wearing a blindfold and holding her hands above the head during foreplay or intercourse. That light bondage can be a good way to introduce something extraordinary into your sexual routine. Only when you’re both comfortable should you try to work your way up to bolder adult sex toys.

How will you know if you and your partner are ready for more hardcore sex toys? Talk to each other! In any relationship, communication is one of the main things that keep it healthy. Don’t be afraid to share your innermost feelings to your partner. Be vocal about your sexual desires. More importantly, speak up if you feel something’s amiss. Your main goal in using sex toys is to make your sex life so much better by injecting fun, excitement, and pleasure into it. It will not hurt to try and use sex toys to make your sex life more effective, so to speak.

What’s more, using sex toys can result in a more open and honest relationship that can bring you both closer to each other and make your union more intimate.

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